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Jacklyn Sinclair ReviewJacklyn Sinclair
5 Star Google+ Review
Whether you have a serious back problem or just want to increase your overall health everyone at Life Source Family Chiropractic are there to help and educate you! I really like how they have a new patient orientation that just helps to explain what they do and why chiropractic health is so important. Dr. Megan and Dr. Derek are not only well trained and knowledgeable but they help to teach you about what it is that they are doing and looking for. Instead of just "cracking your back" they find problem areas and reasons why you may be feeling the way you are and tell you how you can help fix them. My boyfriend and I have both had problems with our backs his worse then mine. We have both been to different Chiropractors offices but they always hurt us or didn't really explain what was wrong. I think its safe to say that my boyfriend and I won't be leaving this chiropractic! We have only known Dr. Megan and Dr. Derek for a short time but they have a great business going and I am so happy they decided to open it in Ellsworth! Whenever we go we feel welcomed and everyone there is so friendly! I can't wait to tell more and more people about them and how they have helped me and my boyfriend! 

Loretta Roberts ReviewLoretta Roberts
5 Star Google+ Review
I had my first adjustment with Dr. Derek on Wednesday and had a fantastic outcome!  For more than two years I have experienced double-vision when looking far to the right or left.  Because I have multiple sclerosis I thought it was a symptom of my MS and thought I was going to have it for the rest of my life.  After my adjustment I returned to work and noticed that when I looked to my far right I was no longer seeing double.  Immediately, I looked to the left and no longer had double-vision on that side either!  The double-vision caused me great concern when driving because I had to close one eye when looking to the right or left and I always worried more when my grandson accompanied me in the car.  I cannot thank both Megan and Derek enough for opening up here in Ellsworth.  They changed my life!   

Logan Walsh ReviewLogan Walsh
5 Star Google+ Review
Just had my second adjustment.  I have had both Dr. Derek and Dr. Megan and they are both very thorough and highly recommend them.